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Orawa is a community-based, cultural leadership programme helping individuals to unleash the power they hold within, to lead a life with intensity!

Our Pou

We offer a four-week intensive cultural leadership programme for individuals who are motivated to create transformational change, open to getting uncomfortable, taking a long and hard look at their lives to address the changes needed, in a supportive environment


Orawa is a marae based programme​

As one of only two marae based leadership/work preparation programmes in Aotearoa. Orawa is steadfast in its commitment to be Māori. Marae is central to the concept of Māoritanga and the Māori cultural identity. It is a socially integrative place that fosters identity, self-respect, pride and social control. There is no doubt operating the programme from marae leaves an indelible mark on tauira.


Orawa engages the community, as well as the individual

Orawa draws on networks within and outside of Hawkes Bay, leveraging social capital for the benefit of the wider community. Thereby extending new and positive opportunities to whānau within the region.


Orawa uses facilitators from all walks of life

Orawa facilitators include guest speakers and kaumatua/kuia from the region, providing a wealth of knowledge normally inaccessible to the wider community.


Orawa develops soft skill leadership and mental resilience

Orawa facilitators focus on delivering content that embraces and highlights the importance of ‘soft skills’ development. Namely;

  • self awareness
  • self regulation
  • loyalty and honesty
  • communication and timeliness

We believe these skills are valued by organisations and businesses globally, irrespective of industry. With the added benefit of transferability into one’s personal life.

4 Week Intensive


For four intensive weeks, tauira work with the Programme Team to grow confidence, teamwork, commitment and compassion. Each week brings new experiences, questions, access to cultural leaders, mātauranga Māori and potential employers.

The four weeks are structured around a set of questions to reveal:

The four weeks are structured around a set of questions to reveal:

Week One

Who am I?


Week Two

What does my ideal life look like?

Week Three

Who do I need to be and who do I need around me to build my ideal life?

Week Four

What can I share?


By completion of the programme, each tauira has developed a resume, approached 4-5 employers and submitted applications for work and for study through a variety of channels. For six months following graduation, we schedule regular one-on-one sessions with each of our graduates. This provides ORAWA graduates with an opportunity to discuss opportunities and challenges present in workplace and study environments and in the home. This affords graduates a ‘safe-landing’ as they transition into new environments, with renewed confidence, awareness and skills.